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What is Stoffenmanager®?

Healthy and safely working with dangerous substances is complex. Regulations, workplaces and products are continuously changing, making active and compliant chemical management a real challenge. Stoffenmanager® will close the gap between complex/abstract regulation and practice. Stoffenmanager® brings order and gives insight by structuring relevant knowledge and information.

Stoffenmanager® is validated based on more than 6000 real measurements and is internationally accepted by EU and national authorities as a method to evaluate exposure to chemical substances at the workplace. This part of the tool is also included in the European REACH R.14 Guidance  (ECHA, August 2016) "Table R.14-13: Domain of reliable application of Stoffenmanager® (the algorithms can only be found at in its most recent version").

But Stoffenmanager® is more than just an exposure assessment tool and is a continuous development platform. You can read it all at OSH-WIKI hosted by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work.


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