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Stoffenmanager® Premium

Besides Stoffenmanager® Basic, Stoffenmanager® Premium is available.

Stoffenmanager® Basic is freely available online and is suitable for organisations with a limited number of substances. Stoffenmanager® consists of the basic functionalities like control banding, exposure and risk assessment, control measures and production of Work Instruction Cards (WIC). You are limited to entering 35 products and performing 35 risk assessments.

Stoffenmanager® Premium is suitable for organisations with more than 35 products or risk assessments. This package, which is subject to a licence contract, offers a number of attractive functionalities for the more intensive Stoffenmanager users. Some of these are described below. For more information, please contact us through If you wish please download the leaflet by clicking on the leaflet.




Multiple users Stoffenmanager® Premium account

In Stoffenmanager® Premium multiple users can use Stoffenmanager and information can be shared.  This means that you only have to enter or change products and components once, which increases efficiency and prevents unnecessary duplication. This also applies to workplace assessments. Since Stoffenmanager® Premium is a company account, the information is not lost when, for example, a particular employee leaves the company and the password is lost as a result.


Create an organisation structure

You can set up your own hierarchical organisation structure, for example according to different company locations, departments or work areas. The administrator can indicate different rights and roles and can define which products or components have to be visible for the entire organisation and which for specific locations, departments or persons. This ensures that everyone gets the information he or she needs as well as information is shared and only needing to be entered once. It is also possible to establish reading and writing rights per account.


Import product information

Product and component data can be imported from other (commercial) software packages or your own (MSDS) products database like an Excel file. If these data are contained in a fixed xml format, they can be read into Stoffenmanager® Premium directly. Stoffenmanager® Premium takes care of the link and access port, thereby consigning the manual, time-consuming import of data to the past.


Export to Excel

All tables can be exported to Excel. This is convenient for additional overviews or import into other information systems.


Duplication and copy functionalities

In Stoffenmanager® Premium it is possible to copy components, products and risk assessments. If at one workplace many different substances are used, the risk assessment can be copied indefinitely and linked to different products, which saves a lot of time compared to the manual input of Stoffenmanager® Basic. Additionally, in Stoffenmanager® Premium workplaces and work processes can be predefined and entered into the database. When performing the risk assessment a predefined scenario can be selected. This speeds up the risk assessment but also ensures that risk assessments are performed in a consistent and standardised way.


Extensive REACH Module

In Stoffenmanager® Premium exposure to single components can be quickly calculated and coupled to the format of the REACH report compliant with the ECHA terminology. Moreover, the calculations are saved in a format that can be read in ECHA's tool CHESAR.


Version management, archive and logbook

In Stoffenmanager® Premium new versions of components, products and assessments can be created or can be placed in the archive. No information is lost. In the future information about used products, exposure, risks and changes related to workplaces can be retained.



This dashboard gives a direct overview of the key indicators. Handy for managers or to be used in presentations.


ESCROW agreement

It is also possible to enter into an ESCROW insurance policy agreement whereby your ESCROW source code is taken in for custodial keeping so that your (business) continuity can be guaranteed.


Customers and the development of Stoffenmanager® Premium

As a premium customer you have priority to helpdesk assistance and you are invited to the user day when you and other premium users can propose your wishes and requirements in respect of Stoffenmanager® Premium. A lot is invested in the ongoing development of Stoffenmanager® Premium and we believe users should have a big say in this. 


Webinars Stoffenmanager® Premium

If you desire more information about Stoffenmanager® Premium please consider participating one of our webinars. We offer you the chance to take part in the interactive webinar 'Finding out about Stoffenmanager® Premium'. In the agenda you can see when the next webinar will be organised. The webinar is free of charge. It is also possible to have a presentation for your company. Contact to find out about the possibilities.


Stoffenmanager® Premium application

If you want to apply straightaway for Stoffenmanager® Premium, you can do so by clicking here. We will contact you as soon as possible. You will receive a licence contract and when you have signed this, your account will be upgraded to Premium. No information is lost and you can directly begin adding users and explore the possibilities of Stoffenmanager® Premium.