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These Terms and Conditions of Use apply to any visit to and use of the website The applicability of other general terms and conditions is excluded.

You have read the Terms and Conditions of Use and accept them. You warrant and represent that the person accepting these Terms and Conditions of Use on your behalf is authorised to do so and is authorised to bind you. By using Stoffenmanager® , you explicitly accept and agree to adhere to these Terms and Conditions of Use.

These Terms and Conditions of Use take effect upon your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Use. You have the option - and by accepting these Terms and Conditions of Use, you confirm to have actually had this option - of downloading these Terms and Conditions of Use as PDF.

1. Security, requesting a personal password

To prevent unauthorised individuals from gaining access to personal and confidential data, you will receive a personal password by email from COSANTA BV. You must personally request a password from COSANTA BV by email. The web application Stoffenmanager®  will only be accessible after the personal email address and password have been entered by means of the Stoffenmanager® log-in screen and you have accepted these Terms and Conditions of Use.

It is advisable to save the personal password carefully; it is your responsibility to ensure that the password is not used by unauthorised individuals. COSANTA BV is not liable for any improper use of email addresses and/or passwords, and COSANTA BV may assume that you are actually the user if a user logs in using your email address and password. If you suspect that your personal password is or may be known to an unauthorised third party, you must immediately inform COSANTA BV by sending an email to:

Passwords are managed completely automatically; if you lose your password, you can sign a statement giving the system manager temporary access to retrieve the password; alternatively, you must re-enter your data in a new account.

2. Terms and Conditions for use of the Website

You determine which information you store and/or exchange by means of Stoffenmanager®. COSANTA BV has no knowledge of that information. Accordingly, you are responsible for the lawfulness of that information and for not infringing third-party rights. COSANTA BV accepts no liability whatsoever for the information that is entered, processed and/or stored using Stoffenmanager®.

Although the content of the website has been compiled and is updated with the utmost care, COSANTA BV facilitating Stoffenmanager®  cannot guarantee the correctness of the information on the website or the results from using the tools. COSANTA facilitating Stoffenmanager® assumes no responsibility and accepts no liability for any loss or damage resulting from visiting or using Stoffenmanager®.

You indemnify COSANTA BV against third-party claims based on the assertion that information that you entered, processed and/or stored using Stoffenmanager® is unlawful or related to or ensues from the use of this version of Stoffenmanager® outside of the Netherlands.

Should COSANTA BV learn or become aware that information that you have entered, processed and/or stored using Stoffenmanager® is unlawful, COSANTA BV will promptly take action to remove the information or to make it inaccessible. COSANTA BV shall never be liable for damage ensuing from such action.

3. Intellectual Property Rights (IP rights)

All intellectual property rights and related rights (such as copyrights, trademark rights, patent rights, trade name rights, databank rights and neighbouring rights, as well as rights to know-how and equivalent rights) to Stoffenmanager® remain vested in COSANTA BV and its co-title holders or in the third party that obtained the right from COSANTA BV to make (part of) Stoffenmanager® available to you. COSANTA BV hereby grants you only a non-exclusive and non-transferable right of use for the term of the agreement.

You may not remove or change the copyright indicators, marks or other indicators of the title owner of the IP rights in Stoffenmanager® .

Except to the extent permitted by mandatory law, you may not reproduce, decompile or reverse engineer Stoffenmanager®. You are furthermore prohibited from removing or circumventing the safeties or technical (use) restrictions in Stoffenmanager®.

Used pictures and fonts are license-free and made available by or

4. Privacy

When you log in and use Stoffenmanager®, you will be asked to provide data. We use that information with a view to compiling usage statistics and for the security of Stoffenmanager®. Unless prohibited by or under applicable law, COSANTA BV may disclose the aforementioned information to and share it with third parties that provide services on behalf of COSANTA BV, which - in addition to COSANTA BV - may then collect, use, transfer, store or otherwise process the information (hereinafter jointly: “Process”) in countries in which they are active for purposes that are related to the provision of services with regard to Stoffenmanager® and in order to satisfy regulatory requirements and/or safeguard independence/prevent conflicts of interests, or for the purpose of quality management, risk management and/or for financial/administrative purposes and/or the provision of other support services of an administrative and IT nature (hereinafter jointly: the “Processing Purposes”). With regard to you, COSANTA BV is responsible for the confidentiality of the information. You hereby expressly consent to Processing of the information referred to in this provision that can be related to individuals (“Personal Data”) by COSANTA BV as well as third parties providing services on behalf of COSANTA BV for Processing Purposes in countries in which COSANTA BV and/ or the third parties providing services on behalf of COSANTA BV are active. COSANTA BV will Process the Personal Data in accordance with the applicable law, including - but not limited to - the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act. COSANTA BV will require from every service provider that Processes Personal Data on behalf of COSANTA BV that it satisfy these requirements.

As Stoffenmanager® continues to grow and develop, one or more parts or assets of COSANTA BV may be transferred to a third party. Your data will also be transferred in that event.

If you wish to know which data we have registered about you or if you want to change your data, you can contact us via

5. Anonymised data processing

Within the context of monitoring, COSANTA BV collects and processes information regarding the use of Stoffenmanager®. The monitoring is aimed at obtaining insight into the use made of Stoffenmanager®, partly so that adjustments can be made in good time and the needs of users can be met. Information will be collected on the population level - and therefore not on the level of the individual user - for the purpose of the monitoring. These anonymised data are stored separately from the data entered by users.

6. Liability

Although great care is taken in the composition and updating of this website, COSANTA BV cannot warrant the accuracy of the data shown and generated. The applicability and the effect of the measures presented will depend on the specific situation in each company.

For that reason, COSANTA BV accepts no liability for the consequences of the application of the information provided on this site, unless direct damage is caused by COSANTA BV’s intent or gross negligence.

You indemnify COSANTA BV against all third-party claims, on any basis whatsoever, with regard to compensation for damage, costs, or interest in connection with your use of Stoffenmanager® and these Terms and Conditions of Use.

The provisions regarding the restriction and exclusion of liability in these Terms and Conditions of Use also apply to the benefit of all persons and legal entities engaged by COSANTA BV in making Stoffenmanager® available, including the co-title holders of the IP rights to Stoffenmanager®.

The provisions regarding the restriction and exclusion of liability in these Terms and Conditions of Use also apply in full where, under mandatory law, any law other than Dutch law applies to the use of Stoffenmanager®, in any event in so far as national or international law does not prescribe otherwise.

7. Changes and termination

COSANTA BV is authorised to change Stoffenmanager® and/or the Terms and Conditions of Use at any time without previous notification or announcement and without being liable to you. Such changed terms and conditions of use will take effect as from the time they are available on this website.

We recommend that you consult the terms and conditions of use on a regular basis to keep abreast of any changes. By visiting the website and using Stoffenmanager® after COSANTA BV has published the changed version on the website, you now confirm in advance to being bound by the new version at such time. If you do not wish to be bound by those changes, you should refrain from any further use of this website.

COSANTA BV is also authorised to stop making Stoffenmanager® accessible to you at any time without previous notification or announcement and without being liable to you.

8. Severability

If these Terms and Conditions of Use are or become partially invalid or non-binding, the parties will continue to be bound by the remaining provisions of the Terms and Conditions of Use. The Parties shall replace the invalid or non-binding part by provisions that are valid and binding, the legal consequences of which, having regard to the contents and purport of these Terms and Conditions of Use, correspond with the invalid or non-binding part to the extent possible.

9. Applicable law and choice of forum

These Terms and Conditions of Use of the website are governed by Dutch law. In so far as mandatory national or international rules of law do not prescribe otherwise, any disputes arising between you and COSANTA BV shall be submitted to the competent court in The Hague. In the event that any law or system of law is declared applicable, COSANTA BV’s liability will be limited to the minimum statutory liability under such law or system of law.

The applicability of the 1980 Vienna Sales Convention (CISG) is expressly excluded.

10. Use of cookies

For the proper operation of our website Stoffenmanager® uses cookies. These cookies are used for the operation of our software and for keeping anonymous statistics on visitor numbers.

A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your computer, containing information from the website you are visiting so that this information can be retrieved again later (for example when you go to another page). Consequently, the only information that the cookie can contain is information that is available on the website. With Stoffenmanager®, for example, this includes your log-in name and password (which are encrypted) so that you do not have to log in for each visit.

We use various types of cookies:

Technically necessary cookies

When you log in on Stoffenmanager®, a cookie that is technically necessary is used to register that you are logged in. This cookie is necessary in order to confirm your identity with every action you take. Stoffenmanager® also sometimes places other technically necessary information about your session (such as your language preference) in a cookie. These cookies are short-lived and are removed when you close your browser. The cookies are stored on your own computer, and if they contain possible sensitive information, they are encrypted using a key that only can unlock. This means that even if your computer is infected by a virus, critical information like your password cannot be accessed via the cookie.

If you activate the option “Keep me logged in” when you log in, a cookie will be placed on your computer so that you will be immediately recognised and automatically logged in on your next visit. This cookie is not removed when you close your browser, but will remain on your computer for a longer period of time. Never select this option when using a public computer or a computer that you share with others. All login information is encrypted with a key that only can unlock. You can remove the Cookie at any time by means of your browser settings. The cookie will also be removed when you are logged in and actively log off using the log-off option.

Google Analytics cookie

Stoffenmanager® uses Google Analytics to keep track of how many people use Stoffenmanager® as well as the technical information related to those visits. This includes, for example, which browser is used (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome) and which operating system (Windows, Mac, etc.). Stoffenmanager® does this to improve our insight into our user group with a view to future developments. These statistics are not used commercially by Stoffenmanager® and are anonymised. Stoffenmanager® cannot see who you are or what you did on the website. Stoffenmanager® can only see that x number of Stoffenmanager® visitors used Firefox and x number used Internet Explorer.

This cookie is placed by Google, but Stoffenmanager® has indicated in Google Analytics that Google may not use the data collected.

You can refuse the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings in your browser. In that case, you may not be able to make use of all the functionalities offered on this website.