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NEW Risk-driven WIC

Stoffenmanager® is making a great leap forwards! For each inhalation risk assessment a risk-driven RIE-WIC (Workplace Instruction card) can be generated. The RIE-WIC is a combination of product data and specific workplace information, such as use conditions and control measures. Just like the ‘Hazard-driven WIC’, the RIE-WIK can be inspected or downloaded as a Word report from the ‘RIE summary’ in the ‘RIE-WIK’ column.

We have translated the risk assessment parameters into easily comprehensible sentences and, in turn, this information is subdivided into a work instruction and general description. The work instruction contains the information that the employee himself can influence while the general description contains the information on which the RIE is based.

In the inhalation risk assessment the name of the work process and workspace itself can be added. If use is made of a pre-defined work process or workspace in Stoffenmanager® Premium, then this name will be filled in automatically and remembered so that when the risk assessment is opened again, the basis for the scenario is clear. In the RIE list you can then sort and search by process and workspace. The name of the process and workspace are also shown on the RIE-WIC as well as in the Inhalation Report.

The RIE-WIC enables the instruction to employees to be given so that it is much more specific to the workspace and process.

This makes it even more easy to share the right information across the company through Stoffenmanager®. If you have any further suggestions for the development of our WIC’s, please contact us via

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