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Digital Products Depot (DPD)

If several users work in a Premium account, it is not always so easy to share products with each other. The products are often linked to locations. Since not all users have access to these locations, the product is not allways visible to the user, which means more work and possibly even double products. The ‘Digital Products Depot’ (DPD) is the solution for this. 

The DPD lends Stoffenmanager® a nice new functionality that the location managers can use as a guide to digital products. The DPD is a crossroads where central administration of the products takes place and where location-specific products can be linked to the location(s).

The DPD contains a structure of rights that gives users read-select and/or editing rights. These rights give the administrator of the Premium package the freedom to ascribe different DPD variants.

If products are imported, these can be put in the DPD without having to be already linked to departments. Products created manually in Stoffenmanager® can be added to the DPD and so become accessible for other users who have DPD reading rights. These users can then link them to their locations. The DPD can be used via Company settings.

The DPD can be inspected via ‘basic data > products followed by clicking on Digital Products Depot.

The DPD is handy for Premium accounts with several users. It makes it even easier to build up a good register of products and to share them with all locations and possibly in different countries. If you have any suggestions for the further development of the DPD, contact us via





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