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Meeting of the Stoffenmanager® International Scientific Advisory Board: what will change?

The independent international scientific advisory board (ISAB) had their recent meeting on 13 September at our office in Amstelveen. There were discussions on a variety of topics ranging from modelling of skin exposure to Nano particles. Concrete decisions were made regarding the adaptation of the hazard banding classes and the algorithm for estimating exposure of solids in powder mixtures. Further details are given below. 

With the introduction of EU-CLP a Stoffenmanager® user had the possibility to convert R/S phrases into H/P-statements. The H-statements are used to derive a hazard class for the product. Since various control banding tools apply different rules for the assignment of R-phrases to hazard bands, this approach naturally leads to different schemes for the assignment of H-statements to hazard bands. Therefore, ISAB took the initiative to develop a new hazard banding scheme in line with EU-CLP. This proposal has been published in a scientific journal which you can find here. We recently started with the IT implementation of this new banding chart which will be followed by extensive testing. The release is expected in April 2017. We will keep you informed!


Bottom row, from left to right: Jody Schinkel (TNO), Agnieszka Jankowska (Nofer institute Poland), Mario Arnone (IFA Germany).

Middle/Top row, from left to right: Dorothea Koppisch (IFA Germany), Norbert Neuwirth (Auva Austria), Hanna Landberg (Lund University Sweden) and Arto Säämänen (FIOH Finland)

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