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Smart substances management? Cosanta is your partner!

At Cosanta we apply the Stoffenmanager® implementation ladder philosophy. We have developed this ladder to help us to ascertain where your company is positioned in respect of substances policy. It gives us a basis on which we can establish the next logical step you need to take on the ladder. The first steps (phases) on the ladder are mainly of an instrumental nature: how do you work with Stoffenmanager®, do you have sufficient knowledge, etc. The final steps are geared to cultural change within your organisation whereby the focus lies more on getting commitment and engagement from employees and management.

In the first steps on ‘working with Stoffenmanager®’, we can provide you with support through training and advice. Our consultants are registered toxicologists and/or occupational hygienists with many years of experience in advising and supervising a whole range of different companies. They can give you a wide spectrum of advice on substances policy, working with Stoffenmanager®, setting up a substances register, entering products into Stoffenmanager®, etc. If you wish, we can also fill in your products, and SDS information into Stoffenmanager®. We also undertake measurements of hazardous substances for you, provide consultancy on biological monitoring and can advise you on compliance with the obligations of REACH legislation. Our Cosanta website contains more information on these and other services. If you would like to find out what possibilities are open to you, just give us a call on +31 20 7920013. 

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