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Stoffenmanager 5.1 ®

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Stoffenmanager 5.1 ®

Stoffenmanager 5.1 ®Stoffenmanager 5.1 ®Stoffenmanager 5.1 ®Stoffenmanager 5.1 ®Stoffenmanager 5.1 ®

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version: 5.1.16

Healthy and safely working with dangerous substances is complex. Regulations, workplaces and products are continuously changing. Companies lose control and are not compliant. Stoffenmanager will close the gap between complex/abstract regulation and practice.

The quantitative inhalation exposure model has been accepted as method to evaluate dangerous substances at the workplace by the Dutch Labour Inspectorate. Stoffenmanager has been recommended in Chapter R.14 of the REACH technical Guidance document. Meaning the European committee officially recognizes Stoffenmanager as a REACH instrument.

Characteristics of the Stoffenmanager tool:

  • Self: own responsibility of our users, do it your self management
  • Simple: user-friendliness and efficiency are important
  • Smart: broad experience and extensive knowlegde is embedded in the tool
  • Safe: reliable and accepted tool