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The online tool to gain control over your hazardous substances and biological agents in the workplace. Stoffenmanager® is the only tool that allows you to comply with laws and regulations with a free basic account. Even for your CMR substances. Together we work on a safe and healthy working environment. Start today!

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A suitable license for every organization

Start right away in Stoffenmanager® by creating a free account. Are you ready to take a professional approach to your substance management? We offer various, extensive license types and additional modules. This way there will always be a suitable solution for your organization that allows you to identify the risks and take adequate control measures. Stoffenmanager® is acknowledged by labour inspectorates and ECHA. This means that you can be sure that the health and safety of employees is guaranteed, and you comply with laws and regulations. Also, for your CMR substances!

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Consultancy and data support

Would you like to have your data management, such as the input of SDSs and the maintenance of components, taken care of in a precise manner? That is possible! Our consultants can guide you in working with Stoffenmanager®8 and are ready to perform various measurements for you. As the specialist within your organization, we would like to get to work with you. Together, we can take your substance policy to the next level!

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