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Stoffenmanager® BioRisk

The new qualitative risk assessment tool for biological agents, is the first and only model on the market.

The BioRisk model provides a scientifically based method to estimate the potential hazards of biological agents. With Stoffenmanager® BioRisk, Arbo professionals receive the tools and necessary knowledge to easily assess exposure to biological agents themselves.


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, more attention has been paid to the health risks posed by biological agents. It is estimated that transmittable diseases alone will cause 310,000 work-related deaths worldwide by 2021. Currently, the minimum exposure requirements for biological agents in work situations are set according to the European Directive “2000/54/EC”, but there is still no standard for its assessment. This often makes it challenging for occupational health and safety professionals to assess exposure to biological agents. In addition, resources for hazard identification, risk assessment and implementation of control measures for biological agents are scarce. Based on this need and necessity, we felt the social responsibility to develop a generic solution for biological agents in addition to chemical substances.

More about Stoffenmanager®:

  • More than 45,000 accounts worldwide
  • Free basic account
  • The only tool to also assess CMRS substances
  • Worldwide limit values
  • Available in 11 languages
The companies in our pilot project are enthusiastic about the results. This gives perspective for the future!

Dr. ir. Henri Heussen, CTO Stoffenmanager®

Consultancy for BioRisk

BioRisk is the new qualitative risk assessment model for exposure to biological agents. This model is developed in close collaboration with an international scientific consortium (IRSST- Canada, Lisbon School of Health Technology /Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon; NFA - Denmark and AEHI, -Spain). During the project, we extensively tested the developed bioaerosol inhalation algorithm in multiple realistic workplace scenarios with companies and the consortium members. The tests have been done in various sectors, including : Waste Disposal, Wastewater, Pharmaceutical, Food Industry, Forestry/Agronomy, Husbandry, Health Care, Quality Assurance Laboratories and Sawmills. These companies experience BioRisk as a valuable addition to their substances policy.

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