Does your organization work with hazardous substances? Legislation requires registration but conducting a substances policy does not have to be complicated. With Stoffenmanager® you can easily get your substances register in order and keep it up to date. This way you contribute in a positive way to the health and safety of your employees and the environment. In addition, it prevents unnecessary costs for measurements and potential fines.

Sign up for a free Basic account and start implementing your substance policy in Stoffenmanager® right away!

We offer four different licenses for using the Stoffenmanager® tool; Stoffenmanager® Premium, Stoffenmanager® Risk+, Stoffenmanager® Product+ and the free starter version in Stoffenmanager® Basic. Next to that, you have the flexible choice to add specific modules to your license.

Want to take your substance policy to the next level? Check out what our consultants can do for you and discover the various Stoffenmanager® training courses for making the most of your license.


Stoffenmanager® is validated based on more than 7000 measurements and is (inter)nationally recognized by local governments and the EU. With Stoffenmanager® you run through the four steps of the Self-inspection tool Dangerous Substances of SZW.  Stoffenmanager® is mentioned in the REACH R.14 Guidance of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA, August 2016): "Table R14-13: Domain of reliable application of Stoffenmanager® (the algorithms can only be found at www.stoffenmanager.com in its most recent version)".

  • Basic


    Free and available for anyone to use online. You can manage your register of hazardous and CMR substances, prioritize risks, perform exosure and risk assessments, and create WICs.

    • Free for everyone to use online
    • Enter up to 35 product
    • Perform up to 35 risk assessments
  • Product+

    €628 per year

    You will have access to all functionalities of the Basic version and can enter up to 100 products. You can further expand Product+ with various premium features and additional modules.

    • Paid license for 1 user
    • Enter a maximum of 100 products
    • Perform up to 35 risk assessments
    • Receive 200 pure substances when you upgrade from a basic account
  • Risk+

    €1570 per year

    You will have access to all functionalities of Product+ and can perform up to 100 risk assessments. You can further expand Risk+ with different premium functionalities and additional modules.

    • Paid license for 1 user
    • Enter up to 100 products
    • Perform up to 100 risk assessments
    • Receive 400 pure substances when you upgrade from a basic account
  • Premium

    €3140 per year

    In premium you can work with 5 users. You can make use of interesting additional functions such as version management, archive, logbook and you can customize it for your company.

    • Paid license for 5 users
    • Enter a maximum of 1000 products
    • Perform up to 1000 risk assessments
    • Upgrade to a paid license and receive free pure substances

Additional modules

  • Stoffenmanager® SHARE

    Sharing with your colleagues

    With this module you make your Workplace Instruction Cards (WICs) and Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) available to all your colleagues in the company.

  • PGS-15 module

    Storage module

    This module tests whether the storage of your packaged hazardous substances complies with legal requirements. In other words, whether you store your packaged hazardous substances at an acceptable level of protection for people and the environment. 

  • XML export

    Exchange with others

    Now it is even easier and faster to export and share your product data with others using the Stoffenmanager® XML format. 


    Continuity assured

    By taking out this insurance, the source code will be deposited at ESCROW. A guarantee for your (business) continuity.

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