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New! EU-OSHA OSHwiki – E-tools - Stoffenmanager® update

Recently the chapter on “Stoffenmanager® for smart hazardous substances and biological agents management for business continuity” has been updated on EU-OSHA OSHwiki (Europan Agency for Safety and Health at Work).
The up to date version is now available on EU-OSHA OSHwiki.

What’s new?

  • The addition of the development of a Biological Agents Control Banding Module. See also our page about Biorisk
  • An overview of the historical development of Stoffenmanager® from 2003 up to now. Explained per version number.
  • Description of Stoffenmanager® Business Model & Development strategy in line with the Exposure Modelling European Exposure Science Strategy 2020-2030.
  • Updated scientific underpinning with additional references of new external validation studies.